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We tackle business problems with a unique and creative approach
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Build a Solution


Manage & Maintain


Learn & Advise


Build a Solution


Manage & Maintain

Providing Leading IT Solutions in North America

Accelerate innovation with a world-class tech team. We provide incredible technological talent for all your software and wireless business needs.

IT Management

Offering fixed cost packages or flexible hourly rates. Both on-site and remote services are available. Solving all of your IT needs.

Salesforce Consulting

Setting up your Salesforce can be a tedious task. Let us take care of it for you, so you can focus on what helps your business moving forward.

Wireless Solutions

Do you need better WiFi or LTE coverage? Our team will conduct a thorough run through to determine the solution that fits your business.


Providing communication solutions for your business. Whether it’s for personal use or making that important business call, know you’re covered.

Smart Blending Technology

When one connection is not enough to help your business stayed connected in a 5G world.

Starlink Satellite

Get a connection that’s out of this world. If you’re a remote industrial site, this is your solution to stay connected.


Personalized service and affordable rates

Wireless Solutions

Site Survey & Assessment

Our team will complete a site walk-through and evaluation of existing coverage. All factors are considered including building materials and environmental variables. The site survey consists of extensive signal testing with the latest in scientific measurement devices.

Floor Plan Analysis & System Design

We work closely along with you, our project manager and design engineer develops a detailed solution meeting coverage demands and budgetary requirements. Designs are flexible including spot coverage for priority areas up to wall-to-wall coverage.

Hardware Installation & Optimization

System components are strategically located to maximize coverage and deliver improved speeds and performance simultaneously. Quality checks make sure that code requirements outlined in the floor plan are followed. 

Hardware Installation & Support

Stellar Solutions provides 90-day warranty on all workmanship, 1 year on equipment, lifetime technical support with remote/onsite monitoring and adjustments.* Better signal guaranteed.

*Remote and onsite work may require additional fees.


Connectivity Solutions No Matter Where You Work

Starlink Connection

Get the connection that’s out of this world. High reliability for the high demand internet users for remote businesses. It’s easy to install and comes with a guaranteed support.

Thales Portable Terminal

The Thales™ mobile LEO terminal is designed to provide reliable, high-quality service regardless of your location. it’s the most powerful and simple terminal to provide you with a global connection. 

Icom & Iridium Radios

The IC-SAT 100 utilizes Iridium® Satellite network covering the earth including both poles providing a wide area of global communication anywhere on the planet.

Portable Broadcast Kit

The Portable Broadband Kit gives users immediate access to broadband connectivity services including high-speed internet, VoIP and WiFi. This is an excellent option for industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining Emergency Services and Construction.